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The JBL Line Array Calculator was redesigned and extended through the use of a new mobile application.
JBL Line Array Calculator 3

JBL Line Array Calculator (LAC-III) is a Windows application that enables loudspeaker designers to model arrays virtually prior to deployment in the field. It was redesigned in 2017. Tour and staging professionals use this tool in both the office and the field, so it needs to be efficient and the information from the calculations must be easily distributed. An accompanying mobile app, Array Link (right side images), was developed to allow the designer to distribute the final design details to mobile phones for use by riggers who would find it inconvenient to refer to a PC or to print details in the field. Array Link uses a QR code system to transfer all array mechanical information from the main LAC-III application to a mobile phone – this transfer is done directly and in real time without the need of internet connection. All relevant rigging information and options are presented in an easy-to-understand layout.