“. . . the soundscore by Feltlike with Paul Chavez and The Edge was sympathetic to the tonal changes onstage, from broad strokes of electro-atmospherics to precise dabs of timbre that matched the movement or primal percussion that broodingly bubbled under.”
-Michael Seaver, Irish Times

“Accompanied by Paul Chavez's deliriously original score (performed live), Oguri pierced the heart of Southern family darkness, and with it, our own.”
-Victoria Looseleaf, LA TImes

“an artful dance enhanced by . . . Paul Chavez’s stunning sound score.”
-Hope Urban Los Angeles Reader

“. . . accompanied by Paul Chavez's deliberately abrasive sound design . . . ”
-Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

“. . . the music by Chavez and his group, the 4Gunas, was both the fuel and the motor that drove the mechanics of the visual/kinetic components”
-Jackie Apple, High Performance Magazine

“The music for Mire was created right alongside the dance, as Chavez manipulated bits of prerecorded material with live sounds and synthesizers in a delightfully atonal, industrial soup. He even planted microphones outside to further amplify the ambient sounds of the falling rain and passing traffic.

At one key moment near the end of Ring’s dance, a plane passed overhead at an impossibly perfect instant, as she had collapsed near a small hole punctured at the base of the wall, through which light shone - an apparent “gateway to freedom” from her own personal hell and confinement. In a stoke of genius, Chavez increased the sound of the plane, amplifying the poignancy of the scene in a blast of spontaneous creativity.”
- Hope Urban, Los Angeles Reader

“With the sounds of lapping water, low-flying planes and Paul Chavez's always evocative taped electronic sound-scapes, the atmosphere was pleasantly stimulating.”
-Jennifer Fischer, LA Times

“. . . the 4Gunas created more potent context for dancing”
- Lewis Segal, LA Times

“Music by the 4GUNAS assaulted the air with rhythmic blasts, screams, splintering wood and random cacophony”
- Jody Leader, Daily News

“Paul Chavez’s atmospheric, industrial score gave way to churchlike hymns interposed with metallic noise . . . ”
- Hope Urban, Los Angeles Reader

“Paul Chavez’s rich sound score, a sustained electronic drone studded with distant intimations of other events was more and an apt sonic background”
- Donna Perlmutter, LA Times

“Composer Paul Chavez and his ensemble Feltlike created a soundscape of crickets, whistles, wind and ghostly voices.”
-Laura Bleiiberg, Orange County Register